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The Journal of Business Anthropology invites submissions of case studies from anthropologists conducting research on and/or in a business context. Such studies should recount a particular business case – such as the implementation of a new corporate strategy, for example, or the processes surrounding an exhibition of art or publication of a book. As such, they should provide rich ethnographic detail that will be of use in other business situations or the classroom. Their content should be coherent and, ideally, tell a story – which means that case studies should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. They need not necessarily indulge in theoretical reflections, although such reflections are not discouraged by the editors.

All case studies will be anonymously peer reviewed and should, ideally, be 8,000 words in length. Unlike JBA articles, which are published in specific issues at certain times of the year, case studies will be published immediately upon acceptance. This section is, therefore, ongoing and subject to continuous updates as new material becomes available.




What is Business Anthropology? An ethnographic study of an explorative workshop
Oana Brindusa Albu, Frederik Larsen, Hallur Sigurdarson, Kirsti Reitan Andersen & Louise Lyngfeldt Gorm Hansen





Crouching Standards, Hidden Morals: A Choreographed National Rebuttal of Cosmopolitan Designs
Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil





The Towards Silence Project: Multiple String Quartets Organize to Perform a new Musical Form in Spatially Variable and Distributed Conditions
Shannon O’Donnell





A Funky-Formal Fashion Collection:  Struggling for a Creative Concept in HUGO BOSS
Kasper Tang Vangkilde




What’s the Matter with Jarrettsville? - Genre Classification as an Opportunistic Construct
C. Clayton Childress




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