Field Reports



The Journal of Business Anthropology invites submissions of field reports from anthropologists conducting research on and/or in a business context. Too often, anthropologists tend not to give details of the pleasures and frustrations of fieldwork, of how they obtain information, of friendships and personality clashes, of ethical and other issues that they find themselves encountering during the course of their research. In some fieldwork situations, almost everything is planned in advance; in others, a more laissez faire attitude is adopted. Nevertheless, fieldwork is always at some point unpredictable. There is, as they say, a muddle in the middle, but that muddle sometimes reveals what has hitherto lain hidden from the observant participant.

The aim of the field reports section is to allow anthropologists to tell us in everyday language what happens to them, why, and what they do about it. It may recount a particular event, like the launching of a ship or a shareholders’ meeting; or it may detail ‘a day in the life of’ a journalist, oilrig worker, train conductor, and so on. It may address a particular social, cultural, political, environmental, ethical, or other problem. By its very nature, a field report is inconclusive: it is designed to raise questions, rather than resolve them.

A field report should, ideally, be up to 5,000 words in length. It should not include theory. Submissions will not be peer reviewed, although the editors of the JBA reserve the right to edit them as they deem appropriate. As with case studies, field reports will be published immediately upon acceptance. This section is, therefore, ongoing and subject to continuous updates as new material becomes available.




Field report: An Academic Workshop
Louise Lyngfeldt Gorm Hansen





Fieldwork Report: The Making of Lonely Planet guide - On the Ground Research for the Encounter Guide Amsterdam, Published in 2009 by Lonely Planet, and written by Zora O’Neill.
Ana Alačovska





Field Notes of Volunteer Work in Iwanuma
Camellia Nieh