Terminology and specialized translation: the relevance of the diachronic Approach.

  • Pascaline Dury Université Lumière Lyon 2


The purpose of this paper is to show the relevance of diachrony for terminology work and to discuss its relationship with other disciplines like the history and philosophy of sciences. It also aims at proving the importance of the diachronic dimension for specialized translation. In order to produce high quality translations, it is indeed essential for translators to know more than only the language. They also have to become familiar with the concepts behind the terms they need to translate, and understand how these concepts organize and interact with each other. Diachronic information is instrumental in providing translators with a thorough and solid knowledge of the source area, especially if this information is added to the main body of the terminological definition as an hyperfile. In this case, terminology work uses information technology to promote the value of the diachronic dimension.