Das Übersetzen von Rechtstexten: Verstehen und Textanalyse.

  • Ingrid Simonnæs Norwegische Wirtschaftsuniversität
Keywords: Translation process, translation proper, legal texts, understanding, Vorverständnis, translation-oriented text analysis, hermeneutical circle


This paper deals with the translation process of legal texts investigated with regard to understanding and text analysis. Each of these key concepts (underlined above) is explained and discussed in more depth in sections 2 − 5, followed by a discussion of their interplay as seen in Norwegian-German translation examples (section 6). It is argued that the key concepts in the title should be read in the reverse order: the first logical step is text analysis as a precondition for understanding which in turn enables the translator to produce the appropriate and understandable translation. The final step lies in applying this procedure to legal texts. The insight into this logical order could be seen as a demonstration of the “circle of understanding”.