La détermination du genre à partir de besoins communicatifs - l'exemple du rapport annuel.

  • André Avias Høgskolen i Østfold


The concept of genre has been developed and used a lot these last years. But still, in the field of LSP, we don’t have a consistent theory to help us to decide formally if similar texts are part of a specific genre or not. In this article we try to propose a logical way to do that based on what we chose to call communicative needs. Our work is inspired by the propositions of Swales and Bhatia about discourse community, but also from Jean-Michel Adam’s work in text linguistics and discourse analysis. We try to stress further the place and the importance of the situation and the context in which a text appears. In the second part of the article we present a table with all the different contexts we mean one should consider in analysing an LSP-text. We organize these contexts in three categories: external and containing the publication, text intern with external connections and only text intern.