Opinions: Ethnographic Methods in the Study of Business

  • Elizabeth K. Briody
  • Gary Alan Fine
  • Katarina Graffman
  • Stephanie A. Krawinkler
  • Maryann McCabe Cultural Connections LLC
  • Patricia Sunderland
  • Rita Denny


For this issue of the Journal of Business Anthropology, I approached a number of people who have conducted research in, with, on, or for business organizations of one sort or another and asked them to reflect upon their ethnographic experiences. What follows is a series of essays by scholars and practitioners ‒ many of them extremely experienced, but one at the beginning of her career ‒ who between them have provided us with a collation of exemplary practices and insights. It isn’t just restaurant kitchens and home cooking that provide ‘food for thought’, but cruise ships, art museums, General Motors, and an Austrian electrical company. Bon appetit!