Afterword: Questions of an Anthropology of and Anthropology for Business

  • Melissa Cefkin Nissan Research Center-Silicon Valley
Keywords: business anthropology, ethnography,


Afterword to the Themed Issue:

Anthropology of versus Anthropology for Business: Exploring the Borders and Crossovers Between an Anthropology of Business and Anthropological Consultancy

Guest editor: Daniela Peluso


Author Biography

Melissa Cefkin, Nissan Research Center-Silicon Valley

Melissa Cefkin (PhD Anthropology, Rice) leads a social science research team at the Nissan Research Center-Silicon Valley. She explores the potential of having autonomous vehicles as interactive agents in the world and works with technologists and designers to build socially acceptable and meaningful autonomous vehicles. Prior to Nissan, she was at IBM Research where her research focused on studies of work and organization. She also has experience in design and consulting, and was previously a Director of Advance Research and User Experience at Sapient Corporation, and a senior research scientist at the Institute for Research on Learning. Melissa served on the Board of Directors for the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC), as well as conference co-organizer. She is the editor of Ethnography and the Corporate Encounter (Berghahn Books 2009) and numerous other publications. A Fulbright award grantee, she enjoys frequent presentations at conferences, serves regularly on editorial and review boards, and has served a committee for the National Academies of Science and on a number of editorial boards.