A Random Walk


  • Elisabeth Powell



Author Biography

Elisabeth Powell

Elisabeth Powell graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with Highest Honors from Princeton University, where she earned First Prize for her Senior Thesis: “Anthropologists in Business: Teaching Anthropology in the Classroom of Everyday Life.” She guest lectured a course at Princeton University based on her independent research, and she is a published author and speaker. As a senior manager at a B2B technology startup, she is using AI to empower employees and improve customer experiences globally. Previously, she applied her anthropological lens to drive positive impact through business for all stakeholders at global innovation and brand strategy consultancies. She has added unique value for her clients such as Hilton, Uber, Diageo, Forerunner Ventures, Bain Capital, Apple, Estee Lauder and Google, and for her companies’ cultures and her teammates. Originally from Atlanta, she moved to San Francisco from New York to immerse in a new cultural context and to explore the great outdoors.


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