A Funky-Formal Fashion Collection: Struggling for a Creative Concept in HUGO BOSS

  • Kasper Tang Vangkilde


In this case study, we follow a group of five young talented fashion designers in HUGO BOSS charged with creating a new concept for the brand BOSS Orange. The concept is to be neither formal nor funky but, precisely, funky-formal. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among these designers, the case describes in detail how the initial idea of a funky-formal fashion collection gradually grows into a more concrete creative concept for such a collection. In particular, it shows how the designers struggle to get to know the HUGO BOSS brands, to become truly inspired, to generate a compelling concept and,  finally, to make a decision between competing concepts. These processes involve not just the talented designers but also, and not least, the Creative Director of BOSS Orange, making it evident how creativity in fashion is by no means an individual idiosyncrasy but rather a social phenomenon.
Case Studies