The Making of Pieces of the Puzzle: Reflections on a Collaborative Ethnographic Filmmaking Process


  • Thomas Scott Hughes
  • Brady Welch
  • Janine Schuurman



This is a companion piece to the “Pieces of the Puzzle” film.



Author Biographies

Thomas Scott Hughes

is a PhD anthropologist with a deep passion for high-impact research. As an applied researcher, Thomas has developed actionable human-centered insights and strategies for a wide range of private companies, governments, academic institutions, and NGOs. Thomas is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, leading a collaborative research project with Genmab (an international biotechnology company) that explores organizational culture, growth, and the power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Brady Welch

is an award-winning creative director working in advertising, documentary, and journalism. His collaborations with Vice News won two Emmy Awards, while a short film made for the New Yorker garnered a SXSW Special Jury Prize. His other projects have won numerous Vimeo Staff Picks. An avid cyclist, surfer, and mushroom hunter, he currently splits his time between New York and Mexico City.

Janine Schuurman

(PhD) serves as Senior Vice President Antibody Research and Technology at Genmab. Throughout her whole career, she has been inspired by the beauty of the immune system and how the antibody molecule interacts within the immune system. She followed her passion to develop innovative antibody therapeutics and joined Genmab in its early days, in 2000. The impact of organisational culture and leadership on innovative organisations always got her attention. She is a co-inventor of many antibody therapeutic products and platform technologies, active in the scientific antibody biology and therapeutics community, a renowned speaker at scientific conferences, and an experienced conference organiser and session chair.






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