The promotion of tourism through key concepts and specific discourse.

  • Patricia Edwards University of Extramadura
  • Alejandro Curado University of Extramadura
Keywords: concepts, discourse, promotion, tourism


Professional communication in the tourist industry is a prime consideration for all business organizations large or small, private or public, national or international, as their common denominator resides in operating to attract potential customers to their products and services. The objective of this paper is to examine the underlying theory behind the strategies and promotional practices carried out to achieve the aforementioned aims from the perspective of a special use of language within conceptual domains. Representative examples from many countries, which apply modern advertising and promotional techniques, will be analyzed in the light of their communication power. The concepts exploited by differing destinations include specific linguistic messages with recurring word use which is directed towards the particular market segment targeted in order to address the needs and motivations of prospective clients. Multiple combinations of these ideological categories are meshed together in order to make up an interesting and enticing offer as will be demonstrated in the final section of this study.