Dynamische Verknüpfung zwischen Informationsarten über eine Begriffsorientierte Terminologiedatenbank – Bericht aus dem Projekt DAiSY der Daimlerchrysler AG.

  • Susanne Göpferich University of Graz
Keywords: terminology management, content management, single-source publishing


The article is a report about the DaimlerChrysler technical documentation project DAiSY (Daimler Automotive Information SYstem), in which I worked during my sabbatical from March till August 2002. The aim of the DAiSY project is to develop a new authoring environment and content management system for workshop information such as repair methods and parts documentation. In the past, these different types of information were developed separately and made available in different systems which made their retrieval uncomfortable and time-consuming. In DAiSY, the various information types will be developed in a standardized and controlled manner avoiding redundancy by re-using functional units and a consistent terminology from a concept-oriented termbase, the Thesaurus, which is also used for linking the information types dynamically. The article focuses on the development of the Thesaurus and its contribution to the dynamic linking of the information types.