Is the Foucauldian Conception of Disciplinary Power still at Work in Contemporary forms of Imprisonment?

  • Craig W.J. Minogue La Trobe University


In this article I will identify the position from which I write and the methodology I will employ, and then I will ask: ”Is the Foucauldian conception of disciplinary power still at work in contemporary forms of imprisonment?” I will answer this question in the affirmative and report the results of a case study of the operational philosophy of a contemporary prison in Melbourne Australia while highlighting some key comparative points from Discipline and Punish. How prisoners resist and subvert disciplinary power by turning an inclusive grouping within the prison into a site from which they highly differentiate Self from Other will be touched upon. I will conclude by finding that homo criminalis has in fact become a definite object in the field of knowledge and he is emerging as a product from the machine for altering minds.

Author Biography

Craig W.J. Minogue, La Trobe University