Foucault and Religion - Guest Editor's Introduction

  • John McSweeney Independent Researcher Cork

Author Biography

John McSweeney, Independent Researcher Cork
John McSweeney is an independent researcher, based in Cork, Ireland. His research focuses on questions of ethics, politics, and religion in recent continental thought, with particular emphases on the work of the later Foucault and post-Lacanian conceptions of subjectivity and act. He has co-edited Representation and Contestation: Cultural Politics in a Political Century (Rodopi, 2010). Other recent publications include “The Cold Cruelty of Ethics: Žižek, Kristof and Reflexive Subjectivization,” The International Journal of Žižek Studies, 5.4 (2011), and “Finitude and Violence: Žižek versus Derrida on Politics,” Kritike 5.2 (2011), 41-58.
Special Issue on Foucault and Religion