On the Interest in the Art of Loving: Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica


  • Leonardo Distaso University of Naples Federico II



Author Biography

Leonardo Distaso, University of Naples Federico II

Leonardo Distaso’s most recent research has had as reference authors such as Nietzsche, Benjamin, Adorno, Marcuse and Lukács, and the context of the Frankfurt School, in a reflection on modern art and aesthetics and their relations with society. Issues such as the relationship between art / life and art / society, as well as investigations on the different relationships between figurative arts and music, and between vision and listening, have involved a plexus of problems that start from the meaning of the Shoa and anti-Semitism for contemporary thought. The recent critical research on the figure of Richard Wagner fits into this context. Among the latest publications: Il veleno del commediante. Arte, utopia e antisemitismo in Richard Wagner (2017); Textura rerum. Parvenza apparenza appariscenza (2015); Estetica e differenza in Wittgenstein (2014); Musica per l'abisso. La via di Terezìn. Un'indagine storica ed estetica 1933-1945 (2014); Da Dioniso al Sinai. Saggi di filosofia della musica (2011); The Paradox of Existence. Philosophy and Aesthetics in the Young Schelling (2004).


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Symposium: Ars Erotica