Special Issue Introduction

Foucault, Our Contemporary


  • Bradley Kaye SUNY Fredonia
  • Corey McCall Cornell University



Author Biographies

Bradley Kaye, SUNY Fredonia

Bradley Kaye is currently Lecturer in Sociocultural and Justice Sciences at the State University of New York at Fredonia. He has published several book length studies on the cusp of continental philosophy, Asian thought, and sociology, and he is interested in the ways that epistemes and first principles can be undermined by comparative philosophy. Most recently, he has published Marx after the Kyoto School: Utopia and the Pure Land (Rowman and Littlefield). He is currently finishing a book on Slavoj Žižek, Freedom and the Parallax View, forthcoming with Palgrave and MacMillan. He has been published in The Agonist: A Nietzsche Circle Journal, International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, and Fast Capitalism, and he humbly received a gracious invitation to speak at Kyoto University last December.

Corey McCall, Cornell University

Corey McCall taught philosophy and related courses at Elmira College in Upstate New York from 2006 until his tenured position was cut in 2021. He now teaches for the Cornell Prison Education Program and works for Legal Assistance of Western New York.




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Kaye, B., & McCall, C. (2023). Special Issue Introduction: Foucault, Our Contemporary. Foucault Studies, (34), 57–58. https://doi.org/10.22439/fs.i34.6937



Special Issue: Foucault, Our Contemporary