The Art of Self-Fashioning, or Foucault on Plato and Derrida

  • Paul Allen Miller University of South Carolina


This paper examines Foucault's reading of Plato and ancient philosophy as part of his continuing dialogue and debate with Derrida. It contends that this debate not only in part motivates Foucault's turn to antiquity, but also is directly revelatory of the most basic differences between Foucault's and Derrida's conceptions of philosophy.

Author Biography

Paul Allen Miller, University of South Carolina
Paul Allen Miller is Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of South Carolina. He is the author of Lyric Texts and Lyric Consciousness: The Birth of a Genre from Archaic Greece to Augustan Rome (Routledge, 1994), Subjecting Verses: Latin Love Elegy and the Emergence of the Real (Princeton, 2004), and numerous articles on ancient poetry and theory. Co-editor of Rethinking Sexuality: Foucault and Classical Antiquity (Princeton, 1998), he is currently completing a book entitled Spiritual Practices: The Formation of the Subject and the Reception of Plato in Postmodern France.