Organization Theory Meets Anthropology: A Story of an Encounter

  • Barbara Czarniawska University of Gothenburg


This text briefly depicts the history of an encounter between anthropology and organization theory in the Anglo-Saxon literature in the period 1990-2010 as seen by an organization scholar. In focus are some stable characteristics and some changes in this relationship, against the background of wider developments in societies and in social sciences. The article ends with suggestions concerning future possibilities of combining the insights of the two fields in a fruitful and interesting way.

Author Biography

Barbara Czarniawska, University of Gothenburg
Barbara Czarniawska is a Professor of Management Studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She studies connections between popular culture and practice of management, and techniques of managing overflow in affluent societies; exploring techniques of fieldwork and the applications of narratology in social sciences. Most recent book in English: Cyberfactories: How News Agencies Produce News (2011).