Lessons from the 4th Global Business Anthropology Summit


  • Carmen Bueno
  • Patricia Alvarado
  • Consuelo González
  • Lucía Laurent-Neva
  • Maximino Matus
  • Nora Morales
  • Ivonne Ramírez




This was not a typical summit. It was an extraordinary event that offered a unique and immersive experience. Diverging from traditional conferences, the organizers crafted alternative participation formats, engaging activities, and inspiring venues. This report has been co-written with contributing thoughts from members of the Global Business Anthropology Summit (GBAS) Mexico 2023 organizing committee and activity coordinators. We aimed to capture experiences and knowledge, challenging conventional publishing styles by blending the voices of those who actively participated in the summit. The result is a polyphonic text interwoven with visual sketches and photographs taken by the participants.

Author Biographies

Carmen Bueno

is a passionate social anthropologist who recognizes the virtuous links between research, teaching and practical application of knowledge. She has had the opportunity to develop pioneering research for the Mexican anthropology in business organizations and labor relations, considering the multiple economic interconnections worldwide and their impact on global production and consumption. She has maintained a strong interest in praxis, opening spaces for reflection and practical application of innovations and technological developments that redirect the course of change towards a social and environmental committed citizenship and business models.

Carmen Bueno can be reached at carmenbuenocastellanos@gmail.com

Patricia Alvarado

has been part of the Design Research team of Accenture Song, Mexico, since January 2022. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics (2008, UMSNH), a Master's Degree in Geography (2015, UNAM), and a PhD in Social Anthropology (2021, UIA-CDMX). As a design researcher, she has been collaborating with technology companies developing qualitative research, strategic planning, coordination and team management capacities. She is also trained in user experience, business and design anthropology, and digital ethnography.

Patricia Alvarado can be reached at patricia.alvarado@accenture.com

Consuelo González

is a linguistics from the National University of Colombia with a Master's in Communication from FLACSO Ecuador. She is currently immersed in her doctoral studies in Social Anthropology at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Consuelo has taught courses on social theory of fashion and semiotics, and also hosted a radio program on the social history and poetics of tango. She has conducted research on fashion in traditional markets. Currently, she explores second-hand and vintage clothing markets, focusing on the redefinition of pre-loved fashion within the realms of these economic and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Consuelo González can be reached at consugonzalezh@gmail.com

Lucía Laurent-Neva

collaborates with British and global clients, specializing in cultivating culturally nuanced business practices and cultural and design strategies for diverse audiences. Her work enhances cross-cultural understanding, anticipates cultural shifts, and facilitates design innovations across continents. Leading anthropological and semiotic projects worldwide, Lucia has worked across Europe, the US, and emerging economies in South and East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America. As founder of Visual Signo (UK), she continues to drive cultural insights and design innovations for organizations globally. Lucia is also co-founder of Semiofest and Board member of GBAS.

Lucía Laurent-Neva can be reached at lucia.neva@visualsigno.com

Maximino Matus

is a Zapotec indigenous scholar and consultant. As a consultant, he has worked for the public and private sectors, developing qualitative research for evaluating and innovating products, services, and public policy in México, the US, and Latin America. Max has published numerous books and articles in the field of cultural anthropology and topics related to the intersection of technology and anthropology – or what he and his colleagues named as Techno-Anthropology. Currently, Max is a researcher at the Cultural Studies Department at El Colef, Mexico.

Maximino Matus can be reached at matus@colef.mx

Nora Morales

is a researcher and designer at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Cuajimalpa in Mexico City, where she obtained her PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities. She currently coordinates the Graduate Program in Design, Information and Communication (MADIC). She has specialized in participatory cartography and generative tools for collective action in socioecological environments. She is also interested in ethnography, visualization and sketchnoting practices, and the role that images play in culture and technology.

Nora Morales can be reached at nmorales@cua.uam.mx

Ivonne Ramírez

has a Master’s in Information Design and a Bachelor’s Degree as Integral Designer from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad, Cuajimalpa. Her research and practice interests are in data visualization and digital media journalism. She currently collaborates in social innovation and participatory action projects developing branding and communication materials. Her work has been awarded by the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) (2021-2023).

Ivonne Ramírez can be reached at ivonne.a.ramirez@gmail.com