A Socio –Textual Analysis of Written Wedding Invitation in Jordanian Society

Kawakib Radwan Al Momani, Dana Faisal Alrefae


The present study examined the generic structure of wedding invitations in Jordanian society in order to find out what components people employ to articulate the communicative purpose of these invitations. It also investigated the effect of socio-cultural aspects on the generic structure of wedding invitations through focusing on the relationship between language and cultural representations within the discourse of this genre. The sample consisted of 55 invitation cards from a collection of 150 cards covering the periods from 1979 until 2006. These cards have been subjected to the model of analysis proposed by Holmes (1997) and a modified version of the model outlined by Clynes and Henry (2004). The results showed that this genre was built around six obligatory and two optional moves. These moves communicate a lot of information about the prevailing socio-cultural values in Jordanian society that are encoded in the rhetorical and organizational components of this genre.

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