Traducción de textos biomédicos: creación de recursos a partir de un corpus sobre enfermedades neuromusculares pediátricas (francés-español)

  • Elena Sánchez Trigo Universidade de Vigo
  • María Magdalena Vila Barbosa Universidade de Vigo


This paper deals with the creation of terminology resources to assist in the translation of biomedical texts. First of all, we describe the criteria used to design and compile the ENEUPECOR corpus, a French-Spanish bilingual specialised corpus constituted by scientific papers on neuromuscular diseases in paediatrics. Afterwards, we describe the methodology and steps involved in corpus exploitation in order to create a French-Spanish bilingual glossary including the main concepts of the sub-domain selected.This study is part of our current research on text translation within the field of rare diseases, domain to which belong neuromuscular diseases in paediatrics. Both the thematic sub-domain selected as well as the choice of languages constitute a novel line of research. Furthermore, the fact that rare diseases are now beginning to be seen as a priority in European Public Health Policies confers more relevance to our work from a social point of view. Thus, academic-scientific interests and social interests go hand-in-hand.