OWL ontology use for terminology work

  • María Rosario Bautista Zambrana University of Málaga


In this paper we revisit the question of the relationship between ontologies and terminologies, i.e. whether the former can be useful for building the latter. We review some of the approaches taken to address that topic and then construct a domain ontology for terminological purposes by means of the OWL-based ontology editor TopBraid Composer Free Edition. After showing how we have constructed the ontology, we analyze the results by focusing on five aspects: representation of conceptual relationships and characteristics; representation of linguistic relationships; use of abstract concepts; data categories that can be represented; and ontology display. Our results indicate that ontologies can be created for terminological purposes, but this comes with limitations.

Author Biography

María Rosario Bautista Zambrana, University of Málaga

Departamento de Filología Inglesa, Francesa y Alemana

Profesor Ayudante Doctor