Sociologiens performativitet - afvikling af det dårlige samfund?


  • Anders Blok



Anders Blok: The Performativity of Sociology – Dismantling the Poor Society? This essay raises questions about the contribution of sociology to bettering or dismantling its always less-than-satisfactory society. What happens if we stop viewing sociological theory and analysis as explanations of society, and start seeing them as additions to society, as narrative equipment for societal ac¬-tors? And what consequences does such a performative perspective imply for the critical capacity of sociology? Drawing inspiration from actor-network theory (ANT), this essay suggests that the mundane symbolic products of so¬cio¬logy are co-constitutive for the continual (re)creation of “society“. Texts, concepts, statistics, and analyses contribute to collecting and effectuating social groups. Interesting sociology gains attention from various publics by participating in critical dialogues. Rather than cool-headed distance, a critical proximity is called for, with sociologists engaging the critical moments of social life, while developing a “sociology of criticism“ capable of respecting the critical capacities of social co-actors. Criticism is a practical endeavour, with various means of intervention available. This performative perspective suggests two important societal narratives for future sociological engagement are suggested: cosmopolitization of society and democratization of expertise.