Kultur og konkurrence: Om mangfoldighed og innovation i sociologisk perspektiv


  • Toke Bjerregaard
  • Jakob Lauring




Toke Bjerregaard and Jakob Lauring: Cultural Diversity and Innovation: how do these relate to each other? Innovation and exploitation of cultural diversity have become key concepts in the political, scientific and business oriented discussions concerning Denmark’s international competitiveness. It is generally assumed that innovation in Denmark is not only driven by research, but also by knowledge obtained from partners, employees and users. In international firms these actors are characterised by cultural differences. Much research on diversity management and regional development suggests that cultural diversity has a positive impact on the capability to innovate. This article analyses the connection between cultural diversity and innovation. The article is based on a study of 14 Danish firms with an international and culturally diverse staff. The article describes the ways in which international employees’ perceptions of the possibilities in cultural diversity are shaped by their professional strategies and perception of international career opportunities.