Skabelsen af en ny slags syg person: Sexkøberen

  • Don Kulick


Don Kulick: The Construction of a New Kind of Sick Personality Type: The Sex Client The article discusses the criminalizing and pathologizing of the sex client in Sweden. Drawing on inpirations from Michel Foucault and queer studies, it analyses discourses in Sweden from the mid-1900s into the 2000s. Basically, the processes of criminalizing and pathologizing are related to the installment of an official, good sexuality, the only morally comprehensible one. Of special importance in this development is the prioritizing by the State of govern¬mentalizing techniques that do not primarily work by way of prohibitions (although such are also employed). Furthermore, there is the radical feminist influence on Swedish ideologies on “gender parity“, demanding that men con¬¬form to standards imagined to be inherently feminine. Finally, there is the development of new forms of Swedish nationalism, stressing Sweden’s obligation of moral leadership to the rest of the world, in particular the EU.