Er skadeskulturen i sport en machokultur

  • Lone Friis Thing
Keywords: Sportskultur, skadeskultur, sportsskader, maskulinitet, feminitet


Lone Friis Thing: Is sport injury gendered? This article discusses how sport injuries in female handball in a non-professional context intersect with masculinity codes. It asks whether dominant forms of masculinity involve learned behaviours that cause risk taking, violence or disregard for health. The article is based on data from 17 qualitative interviews with women handball players, with cross ligament (acl-ligament) injuries and field observations from the physiotherapy clinic where the players went for therapy. Masculinity codes are not articulated when it comes to recommencing sport after injury. Danish female handball players do not hurry back to play and they do not ignore their health. But the female players do silence the pain connected with injury and therapy. Pain is a non-spoken subject, and the players adopt techniques to help to displace the centrality of pain in their sports lives.