Demokratisering af fattigdommen?: En kritisk analyse af indkomstbaserede fattigdomsundersøgelser

  • Carsten Kronborg Bak
Keywords: Ulrich Beck, Democratisation of poverty, analysis


Carsten Kronborg Bak: Democratisation of poverty: an analysis of dynamic poverty studies The German Sociologist Ulrich Beck is best known for his book about “Risk Society“ which has been discussed extensively; however Beck’s claims about modern poverty have not received the same attention among poverty researchers. The individualization perspective views poverty as a relatively transient phenomenon and the democratisation perspective views the risk of poverty as spread equally in the population. Both perspectives challenge the mainstream tradition of class analysis, and therefore both view poverty as largely independent of traditional stratification factors. In this article, I argue that Beck’s thesis about the democratisation of poverty is based on narrow income based definitions and that (possible) empirical verification depends on the definitions of poverty and approaches used to examine poverty. My analyses show that the dynamic perspective (using income as measure of poverty) largely supports the democratisation of poverty. But my other analyses of relative poverty and social exclusion do not support Beck’s argument.