Kritik, tilpasning, autenticitet og kommunikation - kreativitetsregimer i moderniteten

  • Feiwel Kupferberg


Feiwel Kupferberg: Criticism, adaptation, authenticity and communication. Creativity regimes in modernity Creativity is not, as psychologists tend to think, the result of some underlying personal quality, that is independent of the institutionalised or professional context in which it is articulated. It is a social construction, and how we see it depends on the type of life world or social field we tend to identify with or construct our meanings for. What is defined as expected and as socially recognized as creativity varies with the particular creativity regime in which creative agents seek social recognition. In this article, I compare four different types of creativity regimes: science, industry, art and pedagogy, and try to identify the particular norms and practices that characterize these different creativity regimes in modernity, including possible hybrid forms in contemporary modernity.