Tidligt forældreskab i dagens Danmark: sammenhæng med forældres og søskendes fertilitet og med opvækst i en brudt familie


  • Mike Murphy London School of Economics




Mike Murphy: The association between parental fertility, disrupted childhood and siblings’ fertility with early childbearing in contemporary Denmark We examine the fertility experience of about one million people born in Denmark between 1960 and 1975 using the register data in Statistics Denmark. We confirm that the positive relationship between fertility of successive generations remains in these recent cohorts. This relationship holds for both men and women with the sibship sizes of both natural and half sibs and with number of older and younger sibs. Birth order effects also exist. We find that living without natural parents at age 15 is associated with early childbearing, but the effect lar¬gely disappears after age 23. We find there is no difference in whether the father or mother is absent, but that effects are larger for daughters than for sons. Fertility of sibs has a substantial effect on a person’s own fertility, com¬parable in magnitude to that of parents.


Mike Murphy, London School of Economics

Professor ved London School of Economics