Nationel identitet i globaliseringenstid

  • Peter Gundelach


National Identity in Times of Globalisation Theories of globalisation and individualisation argue that the role of the nation state is diminishing and that consequently national identity is losing importance for the individual. Based on general observations and surveys, this article suggests that national identity is still very important – at least in Denmark. Survey data for Denmark, for instance, shows that national pride has increased during the last 20 years. The Danish population also seems to have a high level of chauvinistic attitudes. The national identity is a taken for granted “banal” nationalism that has developed over more than 100 years. This type of national identity is maintained through symbols and societal institutions, and is integrated in the individual’s worldview. National identities consist of boundary maintenance as well as “cultural stuff”. Boundary maintenance in Denmark is especially strong when compared to Sweden, but Danes also seem to have generally positive sentiments towards the populations in Norway and Sweden. Thus they express a sort of vague fee-ling of Scandinavian identity. Recent attempts at creating a regional identity from above by the European Union have not proven successful, and are not likely to succeed in the near future. Local identity is becoming more important to most Danes.