Er emotioner som vilde galoperende heste? En mikrosociologisk anvendelse af Nobert Elias´ emotionsbegreb med elitesport som eksempel

  • Lone Friis Thing


Are emotions like wild galloping horses? Application of Norbert Elias’ concept of emotion to elite sport In an effort to challenge the concept of emotion based on Freud in the figurational thinking of sport, this article argues that the psychology of pleasure in sport is not exhausted by Freud. With a sociological perspective on emotions, this article reconsiders the knowledge that emotions involve both cognitive and affective dimensions. Elias and Dunning say that violent emotions are tabooed and connected with repugnance and shame, and that centralization of power and monopolization of violence in the civilizing process resulted in a refinement of manners, tastes and behavior. Their framework has been fruitful in understanding the roots of aggressive behavior in sport, which I have analyzed in female elite sport.