About the Journal

American Studies in Scandinavia is a peer-reviewed journal, which includes English-language abstracts for all published articles, within the field of American Studies. As an internationally well-known and respected journal, it is our goal to rank as the most distinguished American Studies journal in Europe. The journal engages a vibrant scholarly community and has published state-of-the-art scholarly articles and book reviews since 1968. 

American Studies in Scandinavia is interdisciplinary and open to scholars from fields as varied as history, literature, politics, geography, media studies, ethnic studies, cultural studies, law, economics, and linguistics among others. The journal is published twice a year by the Nordic Association for American Studies (NAAS). NAAS is the joint and principal academic organization for American Studies in the Nordic countries.

The journal—currently edited by Justin Parks with the assistance of Aurora Eide—is committed to Open Access publishing through CBS Open Journals.