Folket på gaden - struktureret hverdagsliv i det offentlige rum

  • Dorte Caswell
  • Ida Schultz


Dorte Caswell and Ida Schultz: People in the Street Bag people are different from other people who live on the street. Pictures of bag people are employed both literally and metaphorically to illustrate homelessness, but there is scant research in Denmark about this group of homeless. The purpose of this article is to shed light on the everyday life of the bag people of Copenhagen. The article is based on a “reflexive field study“ employing the reflexive sociology of Bourdieu and symbolic interactionism of Becker and Goffman. By using these approaches it was possible to dissolve the analytical dichotomy of normality, which seems ever present in research on marginalisation and social exclusion. The results show how resourceful and structured the “marginalised“ and “socially excluded“ bag people also are.