Globalisering og "forestillede verdener": En kvalitativ undersøgelse baseret på børnetegninger fra to landsbyer i Peru

  • Peter Lauritsen
  • Stinne Højer Mathiasen


Globalization and ’’Imagined Worlds’’: A Qualitative Study of Children’s Drawings from Two Villages in Peru Globalization is sometimes described in terms of flows delivering resources for the construction of virtual, global worlds. However, the relation between the presence of flows and the actual construction of new imagined worlds is often only assumed and lacks empirical exploration. By analysing drawings made by children in two settlements in Ayacucho, Peru this article initiates such an exploration. The children were asked to draw pictures of how they would like their community to be in the future, and they were interviewed about these drawings. Using an adapted form of Grounded Theory, the analysis “reads out“ an understanding of the children’s imagined communities. It shows that there were vast differences between the drawings from the two settlements. However, these differences cannot be related to the differences in the presence of television in the respective villages, and thus to a “global flow“, in one of the communities. This result questions the link between global flows and the construc-tion of imagined worlds. The article concludes by arguing for additional qualitative research on globalization.