Micro-pol: or the story of the large within the small

  • Mia Arp Fallov
  • Anja Jørgensen
  • Lene Tølbøll
  • Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen
Keywords: Local resilience, Lemvig, Local community, engangement, urbanization, rural development.


In this article, we employ case of Lemvig, a small Danish community that refuses to be considered part of the periphery. We discuss how this case challengessociological conceptions of the relation between center and periphery and between metropolis and the local. We argue that it is exactly the characterof what we conceptualize as the »micro-pol« – international orientation and a local culture that couple to global flows – which generates the resilience ofthe local place. The analysis of qualitative material from Lemvig helps us understand the conditions that support resilience in places, which are shapedby de-urbanization. The article draws on empirical material from an ongoing Horizon 2020 project, COHSMO – Inequality, urbanization and territorial cohesion: Developing the European social model of economic growth and democratic capacity. The project is a cross European comparison of the relationbetween urbanization, inequality and territorial cohesion. The narratives from Lemvig highlight how local culture cannot be understood alone as a productof necessity due to structural challenges. Rather the place specific culture is a product of the interplay between local business structures, the scale of place,historical path dependencies, and active local engagement.


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