Privilegering af perspektiver - en refleksion over begrebskonstruktionerne inklusion / eksklusion og intergrering /marginalisering i den sociologiske iagttagelse

  • Asmund W. Born
  • Per H. Jensen


Priviligizing perspectives: Reflection on the construction of the concepts of inclusion/exclusion and integration/marginalization in sociological perception Social “inclusion” and “exclusion” are “new” concepts which have emerged from “old” concepts such as inequality, poverty and marginalisation, and the purpose of this article is to examine and discuss the practical potentials and the intellectual limitations accompanying the use of conceptual dichotomies such as inclusion/exclusion and integration/marginalisation. It is argued that the concepts are hea¬vily dependent on political discourse, and that the concepts reduce sociology to be a provider of instrumental know¬ledge about efficient forms of social integration as a “with-in” society techni¬cal question. As such, the concepts screen out questions of social integrati¬on that are closely interrelated with the societal forms of solidarity and the soci¬al factors constituting a society. Furthermore, it is argued that the dichotomic and asymmetrical character of the concepts support a process in which certain perspectives are “privile¬ged”, while others are excluded, a pro¬cess in which the technical perspective is strengthened while a critical discus¬sion about solidarity is counter-indica¬ted. It is concluded that a dismantling of the stronghold of the dichotomies might imply Bourdieuian og Luhmannian in¬spired analyses in order to raise research questions which are contra-intui¬ti¬ve and oriented towards unhegemonic knowledge.