De symbolske formers sønderrevne verden. Om Pierre Bourdieus kultursociologiske værk


  • Axel Honneth



The Fragmented World of Symbolic Forms: Reflections on Pierre Bourdieu’s Sociology of Culture In his theory, Bourdieu analyses the social structures underlying the concept of class struggle as a study of cultural reality. He attempts to bring two elements together which are typically considered incompatible in sociological tradition. He has devoted himself to a sphere, which has been dominated by psy¬cho¬analytically schooled sociologists using the conceptual apparatus of a theory traditionally granted certain legitimacy only for the study of socio-economic conditions. By retracing his theory construction step by step it is possible to see how Bourdieu brings together the concept of class struggle and the study of symbolic forms of expression in a theory of late-capitalist culture. This is precisely what is done in his large-scale study, Distinction, where the different approaches coalesce into a single unified theory.