Pierre Bourdieu og Axel Honneth: Sociologisk og socialfilosofisk kritik af den anerkendte orden. Indledning


  • Anders Mathiesen
  • Rasmus Willig




Pierre Bourdieu and Axel Honneth: Sociological versus social-philosophical critique of the theory of recognition This special issue of Dansk Sociologi on “Pierre Bourdieu & Axel Honneth“ com¬mences with a discussion between Pierre Bourdieu and Axel Honneth from 1984. It outlines their different positions as regards the relation to social-philo¬so¬phical critique and to the concept of recognition. Sociological critique and social-philosophical critique have always had areas of conflict. Sociology has avoi¬ded creating normative criteria to evaluate societal development, while hand social-philosophy insists on normative criteria for what can been seen as moral progress. It is argued that, even though Bourdieu and Honneth initially represent different perspectives, a closer comparison between these two sociologists may contribute to a more elaborated and critical social theory.