Number 13: May 2012: Foucault and Accounting

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Sverre Raffnsøe, Alain Beaulieu, Sam Binkley, Jens Erik Kristensen, Sven Opitz, Patricia Clough, Jyoti Puri, Alan Rosenberg, Ditte Vilstrup Holm 1-3

Special Issue on Foucault and Accounting

Accounting, Territorialization and Power PDF
Andrea Mennicken, Peter Miller 4-24
The Subject of Retirement PDF
Cameron Graham 25-39
Remembering the Future: Entrepreneurship Guidebooks in the US, from Meditation to Method (1945-1975) PDF
Martin Giraudeau 40-66
Accounting and the Making of Homo Liberalis PDF
Caroline Lambert, Eric Pezet 67-81
Governing and Calculating Everyday Dress PDF
Ingrid Jeacle 82-98


The Truths We Tell Ourselves: Foucault on Parrhesia PDF
Zacharia Simpson 99-115
Foucault’s ‘German Moment’: Genealogy of a Disjuncture PDF
Matthew G. Hannah 116-137
Foucault Among the Classicists, Again PDF
Brendan Boyle 138-156

Review Essay

The Genealogy of Genealogy: Foucault’s 1970-1971 Course on The Will to Know PDF
Michael C. Behrent 157-178


Jan Goldstein, Hysteria Complicated by Ecstasy: The Case of Nanette Leroux (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010), ISBN: 978-0691011868 PDF
Alina Bennett 179-183
Jean Baudrillard, Forget Foucault [1976], translated by Nicole Dufrense, introduction and interview by Sylvère Lotringer (Cambridge, MA: Semiotext(e), 2007), ISBN: 978-1584350415 PDF
Jonathan Fardy 184-187
Steve Fuller, Science (Durham: Acumen Publishing Limited, 2010), ISBN: 978-1844652044 PDF
Pete Figler 188-192
Lori Reed & Paula Saukko (eds.), Governing the Female Body: Gender, Health, and Networks of Power (New York: SUNY Press, 2010), ISBN: 978-438429526 PDF
Sarah Maidman 193-195
Brooke Holmes, The Symptom and the Subject: The Emergence of the Physical Body in Ancient Greece (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010), ISBN: 978-0691138992 PDF
Joel Alden Schlosser 196-200
Mark Olssen, Toward A Global Thin Community: Nietzsche, Foucault, and the Cosmopolitan Commitment (Boulder, Colorado: Paradigm Publishers, 2009), ISBN: 978-1594514470 PDF
Evangelia Sembou 201-204

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