About the Journal

The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (the CJAS) aims to promote an interface between humanities and social sciences and to analyse modern Asia in comparative, cross-cultural perspectives. The geographic scope of Asia covers cultural-economic regions of East Asia, Inner Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and South-East Asia as well as it includes Asian cultural spheres globally.

The CJAS publishes articles (6-8.000 words), reports from the field and book reviews that focus on the following:

  • Culture, historical legacies and intellectual traditions: Understanding new forms of inter- and intra-cultural coexistence and exchange alongside cosmopolitan sensibilities that provide a nuanced picture of the international and local perspectives on (pop-)culture, education, heritage and heritagization in Asia and beyond.
  • Society, sustainability and politics: Research on sustainability, development, migration and ‘business in society’ that elucidates new social, cultural and political values as well as environmental concerns that are pertinent for the 21st century Asia.
  • Theory: Analysis of contemporary and historical issues in Asia that use innovative theoretical approaches and concepts from both local and global perspectives.

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