China's Possible Role in Myanmar's National Reconciliation

Zou Keyuan


China and Myanmar have maintained their good relations for centuries. Based
on China's pragmatic foreign policy, China supports the current military regime
in Myanmar through political, strategic, economic and cultural ties and exchanges.
National reconciliation is a necessary step for Myanmar's future prosperity and
security, including democratization in this country. Because of the good
relationship between China and Myanmar and the former's strong influence,
China has some role to play, albeit not a critical one, in Myanmar's national
reconciliation. The limitation of China's role stems firstly from China's foreign
policy (based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence) as well as from
China's perception of democracy. On the other hand, China would like to see a
stable and prosperous Myanmar close to its borders. This article examines these
crucial issues and the ramifications for future co-operation.


China; Myanmar; Politics; Foreign Policy

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Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies
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