Administrative Reform and Rule of Law in China

Zou Keyuan


Rule of Law has become popular jargon in Chinese society since its adoption in the Third Amendment to the Chinese Constitution in 1999. After the transition of the Chinese leadership from the Third Generation to the so-called Fourth Generation, a significant new document, issued in April 2004, ushered in a new era of administrative reform in China. China's pledge is to have established a rule-of-law government by 2015. This article discusses new developments and legal aspects of administrative reform and evaluates whether the rule-of-law concept has been fully endorsed in China. Finally, it presents a brief discussion on the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the law, which is intrinsic to the success of China's administrative reform.

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Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies
ISSN (print): 1395-4199, ISSN (online): 2246-2163

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