Reading Memories in the Drizzle

On Yu Hua´s Novel Zai xiyu zhong huhan and its Reception

  • Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg Aarhus University
Keywords: reader-response theory, memory, adolescence, individualisation, social change


This vignette presents Yu Hua´s novel from 1991 and analyses two different interpretations of the novel with fifteen years between them written by the same prominent critic, Chen Xiaoming. The first interpretation was written in 1992 when China was in the early stages of economic reform. The second was written in 2007 when deep-going social changes had affected the life of the individual. By comparing these two essays, I aim to show how a literary text may act as a catalyst for bringing out existential issues at stake at a particular point in time.

Author Biography

Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg, Aarhus University
ANNE WEDELL-WEDELLSBORG is Professor Emerita of China Studies at Aarhus University. She specialises in modern Chinese literature and has published extensively in this field. Other research interests include the contemporary cultural scene and Sino-European cultural relations.


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