Vol 1, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


What’s in a Name? - Editors’ Introduction to the Journal of Business Anthropology PDF
Brian Moeran, Christina Garsten pp. 1-19


Anthropology and Business: Influence and Interests PDF
Marietta L. Baba pp. 20-71
Horizons of Business Anthropology in a World of Flexible Accumulation PDF
Allen W. Batteau, Carolyn E. Psenka pp. 72-90
Close Encounters: Anthropologists in the Corporate Arena PDF
Melissa Cefkin pp. 91-117
Organization Theory Meets Anthropology: A Story of an Encounter PDF
Barbara Czarniawska pp. 118-140
Studying Consumption Behaviour through Multiple Lenses: An Overview of Consumer Culture Theory PDF
Annamma Joy, Eric Ping Hung Li pp. 141-173

ISSN: 2245-4217

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